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About Us

The Blanton | Thorne Group is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping companies navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

Founded by colleagues turned friends, our team has a wealth of experience across Fortune 100 companies, Private Equity, and Family Owned Businesses. Our services include Category Management, Supply Chain, Sales Operations, IT Systems and processes, and Organizational Evaluation and Development.

Our team of experienced professionals will work together with you to identify and implement the right solutions in order to make your organization more efficient and successful. We strive to be your partner in growth and are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Who We Are

Eric Blanton

Managing Partner

Over the course of 10+ years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of supply chain and category management leadership roles across varying size businesses – Fortune 25, Private Equity, and Family Owned. While each business has unique qualities about them, I have found tremendous value over time connecting processes and people to create an interconnected experience for all involved. Whether it’s inventory management, transportation, distribution, category management, system implementation, etc. my goal is to bring a clear vision to a multifaceted business for my clients.

Originally from Indiana, I attended Purdue University and have been in Georgia for over 10 years. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wife of 16 years, Kerissa, and our 4 animals.


Together we offer our clients a full suite of capabilities that can positively impact your business. As partners, the skillets we possess compliment on another while working toward the same goal. Let us know how we can help!

Jay Thorne

Managing Partner

As an experienced business leader, I have worked with different organizations to help streamline supply chain operations and implement innovative analytics. With my depth of experience in organizational transformation and cross-functional leadership, I have helped improve their sales, inventory, and operations planning through evaluation of people, processes, and systems. My goal is to build and maintain partnerships with each client to support your initiatives while developing and implement strategies that positively impact all. With my expertise, I am confident I can help your organization grow in all facets of the business.

Borns and raised in Georgia, I attended UGA for Bachelor’s and Auburn University for post-graduate work. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wife of 13 years, Elizabeth and our 3 children (Tuttle, Maggie, and Jacob), and our 3 animals.

Services & Products

Sales Operations
Category Management
Supply Chain Management
Systems & Process
Organizational Evaluation

Sales Operations

Whether you have outside or inside sales reps, a defined way of operating is essential for allowing sales flexibility and the ultimate customer service. How the salesforce manages its customer base is critical to daily, monthly, and yearly strategy.

Blanton | Thorne Group is capable of supporting your sales operations. We specialize in Business Intelligence, KPI development, & Organization structure alignment.

Category Management

Managing existing and new categories can be challenging if you’re not armed with the right information. Next to sales, this is THE NEXT critical component to success. Your product selection, pricing, cost negotiations, and Go To Market strategy will be the key to success.

Supply Chain Management

Having a flexible and sustainable supply chain can make or break a business. Even with strong sales & category planning, you can have headaches without the right operational strategy in place.

Systems & Process

Much can be done within the beauty of Excel, but without strong systems, you will experience daily limitations that when unlocked, give exponential growth.

The first step in any evaluation is to understand your current state processes. From there, it helps understand optimizing current systems or is there a need for new.

Organizational Evaluation

Leadership is fickle component of success. Having the right culture, skill, and structure helps guide short & long-term successes. It is also a consistent challenge for any business.

Our goal at Blanton | Thorne Group is to support in your organization’s growth. We can provide guidance in identifying where headcount and alignment are needed.


Each retailer has its own requirements to be a supplier. Blanton | Thorne Group offers the support needed to achieve success within your supply chain.

Wholesale Distribution

Running a distribution poses its own challenges, Blanton | Thorne Group is able to help within the 4 walls and identify opportunity for improved strategy.


E-Commerce is each organization's growth engine. Specifically we have expertise in Amazon's operation and determining the path suited for you.

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